Moving on your own saves on labor costs, but can be tricky when it comes to renting and driving a large moving truck. By choosing Williams Moving & Storage, you can move yourself without dealing with those hassles. We supply the moving truck and equipment at origin and you have eight hours to load your shipment. We then pick up the moving truck and bring it back to our depot to ship it to your destination. Once it reaches your destination, we drop off the moving truck and you have eight hours to unload it.

Containers available for use include 8′, 9′ and 20′ shipping containers. We also offer flat rates on dock-to-dock shipments consisting of 10 items or less. Click here to get a free estimate for your do-it-yourself move.

Packing Supplies

We carry a complete range of packing supplies for Do It Yourself moves

Flexible Move

Flexible Move is a program that Williams runs in partnership with United Van Lines for customers anywhere in Canada. We supply the equipment you need to perform the move. We will drop off the furniture containers when you are scheduled to load them and we will pick them up when you are finished. Then, we drop them off at your destination for you to unload when you are ready. Once your move is complete, we pick the containers up.

Moving Experts

Risk Management

Moving can be risky business, but Williams Moving & Storage takes measures to ensure client safety and manages the risks inherent to moving safely. This includes maintaining our vehicles, tracking our drivers’ hours, responding to accidents, making repairs, managing our fleet and implementing our preventative maintenance program. Our crews of movers are trained professionals who are unionized with WCB coverage for your protection.

Destination Services

Williams Moving & Storage is an origin agent that will confirm receipt of your request, contact your client within the same business day and provide you with the date and time of the survey as soon as contact is made. We provide client contact within 24 hours of receiving a request for Origin Survey, as well as a confirmation of date and time of survey to the booking agent. Survey results will be sent in 24 to 48 business hours after survey completion.

We will confirm pack/load dates to client once authorization to proceed is received from the booking agent. Our professional crews will provide floor runners, padding of stair railings, removal of packing debris and final walk through to ensure all goods have been packed and/or removed.